Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Experientials Vol. 19

Sometimes I feel like the boy from American Beauty... you know how he videotapes the plastic bag in the wind and talks about the beauty in it. Well I see things that captivate me for their beauty on a daily basis, but when I try to tell people about them I feel strange, or like they will never quite understand just how beautiful it is to me. I had just this experience the other day. I was driving along and was at a stoplight and I saw this white bird and black bird in what appeared to be a dance. I was memorized. They were twisting and turning and flipping and twirling through the air. I initially thought of how poetic this was, the dance of good and evil. But then it became apparent to me that this was not a dance at all. The little white bird was chasing off the black bird. And it appeared that he had chased off several others as the little black bird joined a small flock of other black birds. Victorious the little white bird flew off. I then continued my metaphor of good being victorious of evil, even when outnumbered.

With that little story being told, today in class we were asked to do a drawing in response to what we are learning in our multicultural class. I still had this image of the birds and their dance, and so I realized that the metaphor could be modified to represent race issues. This makes it take on a more rather sinister tone with the one white bird being able to push out several of the little black birds... but here is the image none-the-less.

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