Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Experientials Vol. 17

Well off to another week. What a busy day today, we were non-stop from 9 to 5 today. First was Multicultural class, then the detention center tour, then the SATA (student art therapy association) meeting and elections, and lastly group art therapy. It didn't start out so great. I overslept... I am supposed to leave my house by 8, but instead I was getting up at 8. I still made it in time and was able to even grab a bagel before class. Things got better, but it was a long day. The detention center tour calmed some of my anxiety, and I am sure that it will be a great experience. In the SATA meeting, I was elected (or in some ways appointed) PR/Newsletter chair, I think they thought I had graphics experience or something ;)

In the multicultural class we were asked to take little bits of paper and write things about ourselves on the pieces of paper. About our culture, beliefs, likes, wants etc... Then we were supposed to separate them into what we would share with the class and what we wouldn't share with the class. All of mine I felt comfortable sharing, so here is an assortment just laid out.

In group class we were supposed to use scraps of paper again and write some emotions that our group session evoked. We then all anonymously displayed them on the bulletin board. But here are mine, they were pretty non-specific.

Then we were supposed to draw what those thoughts/feelings evoked in us. I read one on the board that said the St Louis/Edwardsville divide was difficult. This particularly hit home for me since I am really feeling it, and I am losing my St Louis friend :( So I drew this group of circles representing the class. In the center you have a couple of yellow circles that are the core of the Edwardsville group, with several orange circles surrounding them. And then there is the green ones that are one the outskirts of the group, and the two blue circle represent the two who live in St Louis. I have a bit of yellow in all of them, because we are still unified as a group, just divided by location. And my St Louis friend who I am losing, still retains her blue in the green. It was very symbolic for me, and I think helped me work through some emotions that I have with her moving away, and I know that we will stay just as close.

And now off to complete some assistantship paperwork, read and do some Venn Diagrams.

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