Thursday, January 24, 2008

Experientials Vol. 18

These weeks just keep getting longer. This week is no exception at all. We have been so busy. Today we had child art therapy which is a really great class. We talked about our anxieties with the detention center and starting work with a new client. We then did an experiential that Gussie suggested was good to work with adolescent clients on abstraction. I am excited to try it out. And then in the research class we talked more about our thesis and then were taught how to speed read and were given our advisors for the rest of the program.

The first part of this experiential Gussie would randomly say emotions and asked us to unconsciously pick a color and make a mark on the paper that represented the feeling. And as it progressed we were asked to shout emotions out as well. And then in the second picture we were supposed to think about one or two emotions represent it with only line and color. The goal is to be able to recognize your emotion. I am not gonna tell you what mine was ;) Maybe you can guess!!

And this is for Tamara! So we made tissue paper circles for our Venn Diagrams to help us narrow our thesis topic. Here are mine. And for next week we are making completed Venn Diagram watercolors to discuss... Yes I am in an artsy (err hippy as some people would say) program!! :)

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