Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Experientials Vol. 5

This week has already been long and it is only Tuesday. We have 2 big tests this week and a test next week and a paper and presentation next week as well. Needless to say I am feeling a little overwhelmed and busy. But we did lots of fun art things today. In one I got to pretend to be a hard kid to work with, but I don't have anything to show for that because I got to rip up the paper... That was fun. But here is what I do have to show.

In this one we were working on reflecting on feelings and owning our own feelings and not projection our feelings on the client. This can be very difficult, because it is hard not to bring our own emotions into it. We were given 3 pieces of paper, each with a circle predrawn and got to choose our materials, I chose chalk pastels.

In the first one, we had to draw what was on our mind as we walked into the room. In this particular one, I was thinking a lot about Derek and him being sick and not being able to be there to protect him (not that mom and dad don't do excellent on this, but...)

Before we drew the second we watched a video of a "client" who was being slightly difficult. In this picture we had to draw how the client made us feel. I felt like the client had me blocked off and would not let me in.

And on the third one, we had to draw what we felt the client was feeling. I felt that the client was being difficult because they felt vulnerable.

This next one is one that I did because I had extra time after finishing my test early. Hopefully that is a good thing, but I should know soon enough. It is a watercolor, I think that I find it very therapeutic.

This one was an interesting one, in which we talked about the native american belief that everyone has multiple names including their becoming name. So we drew our name as we are at this time, and our becoming name as we want to become.

Lastly we were studying Adler and his concept of a magic wand. So basically this drawing is, if you could change one thing and had a magic wand how would it be different. Again I was thinking about Derek, so if you look at this one and the first one in the reflection of feelings series you might see similarities.

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