Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Experientials Vol 2

So the second week is over...

So here are some of the experientials from this week:

The first was a really neat one with a partner. One of us was the helper and one was the client. We were not supposed to talk at all, so it was solely based on the art. The client drew a picture of something that was on their mind, and then the helper drew a response. I wish that I had the helper and client pictures together, but I only have my pictures from the experiential.

It was a really interesting experience, like I said I wish that I had the other images to make a whole picture of it... but it was a great way to show that you can understand people through their art alone, and speak through art alone.



And here is a free choice image. I used markers and had two of the basic lines in my head. The rest just came:

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