Friday, May 2, 2008

Experientials Vol. 33

Well the last official week of school is over, now just finals. I can't believe it. So the first several pictures are of a group project we did that is called the island. The big green paper and blue paper were laid out for us and we were told that we somehow got stranded on this island. Our story was that we were in a plane crash (LOST maybe?) Anyway, we then as a group have to come up with how we are going to live on our island. Our island has a communal living cabin, with a porch swing and towel rack, an outhouse with toilet paper, a cave that we found whiskey contraband in it, a journal writing area, a hot springs, a wine vineyard, campfires, drum circles so we can dance, a fresh water supply, a fishing hole, a boat, fainting goats, nice jelly fish, sushi and a tiki bar.

The girls and the island!!

Our house with the porch swing :)

The tiki bar

Journal rock (and contraband cave)

The outhouse

The vineyard

And this is a mandala that we painted in another class. Mandalas are symbols of wholeness...

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