Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Art Ed - Projects 1 & 2, Nature Walk

The class that I am in now is a little different than the rest of the art therapy courses. First off it is a undergrad course (it was a prereq for the program, and I am just now able to take it) and it;s focus is not therapy, but education. However there are lots of overlaps.

The first project we did had to do with symmetry, introduction and storytelling. We were to draw our name and then draw the mirror image (if you look closely you can see it they are the black lines). Then we were to make a monster out of our name and write a story about it. It was definitely a fun project and quite an icebreaker for the class.

The next project we did was a collage using our silhouette as a jumping off point. We were then supposed to express things about ourselves and create unity throughout the piece. In my piece I used purple, orange and green on the silhouettes because it is my favorite color combination. I then used pencil shavings to fill in the negative space to represent the artistic side of me. I later added the rose petal shreds to represent the romantic/relationship part of me. Inside the silhouettes I created unity with the patterns I created. I used sliced corks from wine to represent my friendships (they were all corks from dinners I had with friends) and I used small wire rings I created to represent my sculptural tendencies. I then connected this with a very flowing pattern using orange twine that I saw as a feminine quality. I almost forgot about the glitter... I used glitter to outline the silhouettes, and to help create unity as well. I love glitter. And although it is feminine, I also thought of how I had used it a lot as a metaphor for mself as a therapist, and this is what glitter represented in this piece. I wanted to give a feel of outdoorsy as well, and it was commented that this was very earthy, so I think that came across well...

And here are some pictures from our nature observations today. We are supposed to be looking for the principles of design in nature: Unity, Emphasis, Variety, Rhythm, Movement and Balance.

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