Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Experientials Vol. 34

Today was my last official day of classes (still have a final on Thursday though!) and we were doing a lot of closure, wrap up the end of the semester type stuff. In multicultural class, we had a drumming circle and then thought about our trip home, wherever that may be. We then created a talisman to help get us home. Mine was a bird:

We put all of our talismans in the center of the musical instruments and then they were called to maps of our home that we also brought in...

A picture of my bird by Kentucky!

In our group class we did a social dreaming exercise. We sat the chairs in a spiral, and spiraled into the dream matrix. My images were:
A swan swimming in a red sea, who turned black. A fairy then came and the swan disappeared.
A goldfish swimming in the sea, with bubbles coming out of his mouth and as it approached I realized it was not a goldfish at all, but a whale.
Cooking hamburgers in a park and a black bear approached us down a hill, but we were not frightened.
I am laying in a bed, with strong arms wrapped around me. I feel safe, and as a focus on the image, the people turn into a spoon.
It was really interesting to participate in this and see all the images that came into the dream matrix.

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