Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Experientials Vol. 32

I can't believe that this semester is almost over with, and more importantly that my first year of grad school is almost over... WOW! I have one two finals, and a couple more assignments to turn in but beyond that...

This piece is one that I actually did not work on, but I (with my partner) directed an art therapy group session. The topic was the end of the group, and the group decided to make a group portrait. It ended up being more of individual portraits, all connected by the web.

This is a piece that I did at the end of class. There were no directives, I just made art. The process on this one was so interesting to me. I had no direction, I just went and picked out paper, and I liked both the pink and the black paper. And then I tore the pink and glued them together to create one sheet. I then began making some swirly marks. This started to look like a tree, and so I elaborated on the tree. As I outlined all the branches, the peacock began to emerge, and so that is what the final product became. It is really crazy that it evolved from piecing two things together, into a tree which is growth, into a peacock which is beautiful. There are many metaphors there!!!

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