Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Experientials Vol. 31

Today we talked about merger and the idea that women often form close relationships with females and "merge" with them. It was really interesting, to talk about this and to dialog about why this happens with women more than men... one explanation was that women are just better :) and just more attuned to others emotions. We were supposed to look at different women friendships in our past and then draw about them. So in my piece some of my friends are represented as circles, as am I. Although we never completely merged, in an unhealthy way, there were some mergers and overlapping.

This experiential was led by the Jungian group, where sandtrays are an essential part. We made our own mock sandtrays and created these environments for animals that we picked out. I picked a penguin because they mate for life and a lady bug because they represent luck. After creating the environment, I noticed that I had only one penguin, and got another one for him so that he could have a mate. What was interesting is that I completely hid the ladybug, and essentially hid the luck. However if you look at some of the closeup pictures, I made the penguin leave footprints in the sand leading to the ladybugs hiding place, and in essence allowed him to be able to find the luck.

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