Friday, February 15, 2008

Experientials Vol. 22

So this has been a really difficult week. Lots of ups and downs, and sometimes it felt like way more downs...

First I wanted to share this personality test that I took... It was humorous the whole way through, with wacky questions that I was sure it was going to come up with something completely ridiculous and bogus. So what personality quiz was it? Qdoba's! I know! I know! But here is what it said "You are a taco salad. Don't let that crispy outer shell fool you, because what it holds together are the ingredients of a truly wonderful personality. You are so easy-going by nature that by comparison you could make a stuffed teddy bear look like a vicious and cold-blooded killer from the wild. Not only that, but you are a truly well-adjusted person who can see yourself clearly even in the face of heavy-handed and overly dramatic metaphorical comparisons. Possibly your greatest trait is your capacity for empathy. You truly know how to understand others, to feel their joys and pain. It is this quality that makes you an ideal spouse, parent or friend. People just want to hug you. They do." So yeah, completely ridiculous yes, but maybe not so far off. Then again, maybe people don't want to hug me.

So this first set of drawings had to do with memory, and a discussion about how memories change and how two people can have different memories about the same event. We were supposed to think of an event in our adolescence that influenced use or we remember that other people also witnessed. I remember being young at the lake with my cousins. And the younger cousins went to feed the ducks and the older cousins went somewhere else, I don't remember where now but I do remember that I hated being one of the younger cousins, I wanted to be big. So we go to feed the ducks and I step off the dock and into the water. What I remember is being eye to eye with this fish. And then I remember getting pulled out of the water, and being cold and them wrapping me up in blankets waiting for my mom and aunt to come and pick us back up. And to top it all off, I lost my pink jelly. It was very tragic! I am not sure now if there was really a fish, but that is what I remember.

This one we did in our research class while talking in small groups about our thesis. We were supposed to put things out there... all kinds of things, things we can control, things we know, things we don't know, what is in our way... I think by talking about it and working through it, I know my next step which is trying to start gathering literature.

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