Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My placement for this summer is at the Children's Psychiatric Hospital in St Louis, and today in class we made a picture about how we felt about that to help process our emotions. I am kinda nervous and anxious and excited all at once. I have been worried about my personal emotional health from the beginning, after being told that I was too sensitive to be an art therapist. And starting this new placement where I could have a really tough case load, brought all these feelings forward. It also brought some self-doubt forward and made me question whether or not I could handle this, and whether I had made the right choices. Well of course these were fleeting thoughts, and I know that I am on the path that I am to follow, but for a fleeting second all these feelings came flooding back to me. In the art piece, I have the burden of anticipation on my back, with hopes that it will be alleviated with actually starting and realizing that I am capable. When looking at the piece after completion I saw that it was very bright with no darkness, and that I too was surrounded by this bright energy. I really am looking forward to the experience, and do feel the excitement all around me!!

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