Monday, June 9, 2008

Art Ed - Ofrenda for Lisa

This project has been really hard for me to work on, but really therapeutic as well. As most of you know, my good friend Lisa died last year, and if you knew her, you know she loved Day of the Dead. When the teacher told us that we were going to be doing a Day of the Dead piece, I knew that I had to do this for her. Are project was to make an ofrenda, or altar, containing a calavera, or skull. Ofrendas are meant to call the loved ones back in spirit, and include bright colors, fragrant smells, and things that they loved or that were dear to them. It was an incredible experience to try to commemorate Lisa by thinking about all the things that she loved. I used really bright colors because when I think about Lisa I think about springtime, and how we would always plan to break out our sandals on the same day every year, thinking that if we both wore sandals, no one could make fun of us! Ofrenda's also usually include a class of water, but in hers I included a pom tea (she loved all the fancy drinks) and a martini. For the food offering, I used sour skittles to create the butterfly trail, knowing how much Lisa loved sour candies! The potted flower in the back is traditional for an ofrenda, and so I wanted to honor that. There is also a miniature book I made for her so that she could read. I wanted to include Alice in Wonderland, or David Sedaris (both her favorites) but decided instead to leave the book unwritten. There is also a Hello Kitty, Lisa loved Hello Kitty, and a Grateful Dead Bear—Lisa loved the Grateful Dead and was a deadhead at one time in her life. And of course I included a high heel shoe and two lipglosses, I couldn't choose just one, and neither could she, she collected them like they were going out of style. And then of course there is a dog. Lisa loved her dogs, especially big dogs, but also little dogs. I wanted to include a picture of Allie so that they could be together, or at least a boxer, but she would have loved this Harlequin Great Dane puppy and I so love how it is looking up at the butterfly. The calavera, is a traditional elaborate one, Lisa would have loved it, and it even has on red lipstick. And then of course there is the picture of Lisa, smiling just as I remember her.

A close up of the calavera.

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