Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Experientials Vol. 9

So today we worked on some more helping skills. The first one is about immediacy and owning our feelings at the moment. We talked about how stressful the last couple weeks have been and that it is easy to question whether we are where we are supposed to be or not. And then we talked about how each of us knows in some part of our being that we are supposed to be here at this place at this time (meaning graduate school). And we were asked to draw where in our being we felt this, or knew this. It is a very crude drawing (we were only given a couple minutes) but this is what mine looked like.

And then we were asked to expand this feeling and how it felt. I felt like mine resonated outward, almost like a spiraling ripple effect and that ultimately it became all-encompassing.

And lastly we worked on Challenge. And this is where you would challenge a client to see things differently, usually in a discrepancy in their thinking, like when they say one thing but act another way. So on this one we were given a sheet with the overlapping circles and were supposed to think about a problem. On the left we were supposed to draw what we had control over, on the right what we could not control and in the middle what was negotiable. Mine ended up being more like on the left is how the problem feels, on the right is the problem and in the middle is the solution. This is a perfect example of how art can lead you to a conclusion, or to greater insight! It really is amazing :)

One more test this week and then I get to come home to celebrate my birthday with everyone I love. I am so excited :)

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