Monday, October 29, 2007

Experientials Vol. 11

So this past week has been a little hectic (again!) but it is over and on to a new one. We had 2 tests last week and then a paper of sorts to turn in on Tuesday, so that means I spent my weekend writing. Fun stuff :)

Here are a few things that I have done so far. This one is a drawing assessment that you give adults that doesn't look at content so much as whether or not they are able to complete the task and can be helpful in distinguishing depression and schizophrenia.

This is one that I did this weekend to take a break from writing the paper! And I wasn't thinking when I did it and my carpet was a bit yellow after. I got it up with a little elbow grease, but I know next time to lay down some newspaper or something.

So this one is a little different because I didn't actually do it myself, but rather I played therapist and directed the experiential and my partner actually did it. We had to videotape a helping session, with another student, and the experiential that I chose to do is called the Johari Window. Basically each panel is a different part of yourself (see diagram) and knowing each of the parts helps you to establish boundaries both personally and professionally. So this is what my mock-client did.

And lastly here is what my partner had me do in my mock session. So this is called a bilateral experiential. She drew the line down the center and asked me to think of a conflict. I had a hard time thinking about one, but finally decided to do mine about being at home versus being here. So she asked me to rate the magnitude of each feeling, being at home and being here, and then asked me if i had to choose a hand which hand being at home would be. I chose right because I am right handed. I then drew this on the right hand side of the page with my right hand. Then I drew being here (away from home) on the left side with my left hand. After completing this she prompted me to outline each drawing with the opposite hand. That is where th black marks come from. So I am not quite as good wiht my left hand and it felt really awkward, but it was a really neat exercise. (and as a bonus if you look close you can see ellie and brody claw marks where they decided to trample the paper this morning before I left!!)

So that is my week (well last week and some this week) thus far.

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