Friday, November 2, 2007

Experientials Vol. 13

So another week down... I still can't believe how this semester is winding down so fast.

So this was kind of a neat experience. We were talking about family assessments and one of the pieces we talked about is called the family scribble. For this piece everyone in the family draws a scribble drawing. As a family you try to see things in the drawings, choose one to work on jointly and then create that piece. Our class was divided into two families and each person was given a role to play in the family. The first picture is just an example of a scribble drawing, the next is the finished scribble drawing my family came up with (which we called Mouse in a Firehouse) and the third is what the other family came up with (which they called Clown Bear).

This next series is also neat. We did these three as a group and the first one represents a child I am working with at Headstart, the second is how I feel in response to that child and the third is just me. In the first one I just feel like the child is walled off, quiet and reserved but has a great personality waiting to come out. In the second one I feel like I can't ever quite reach the child and that I have not connected yet, maybe that there is a barrier between us. And for the third one I had an image in mind and wanted it to be full of life and energy, after drawing it I realized it looks kinda like a footprint. But the purpose in this is to compare the three and see what we can learn about the relationship. I found the exercise very insightful.

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