Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Experientials Vol. 14

So this week has started out long already... again! We had a test today and we have a paper due on Thursday. I did start actual sessions on Monday so that was interesting, again it is just another step to making this all feel more real.

So first I wanted to share some pictures of my big helper, Brody... I think that he thought that it would be fun to lay on one of my pictures! The pictures don't show it quite as well... but it totally looked like I tie-dyed his feet, the other one was red and purple!! What a cutie :)

On this next piece we worked with a partner and worked on restatement. Basically we made a picture talked about it and then our partner was supposed to listen and restate what we said. It is really hard to do without changing the meaning of what they said. My story was something about how a lot of my art this semester has had similar themes and that I thought that it had a lot to do with being away from home and away from everyone I love... It was interesting in the restatement my partner said that it was a physical separation which I really tuned into, because that implies that it is not an emotional separation—which is completely true.

On this one we again worked with partners and we were given emotions to embody and make a piece of art. We were supposed to so this without any verbal communication and our partner was supposed to "listen" to our non-verbals to determine what our emotion was. Mine was boredom. It was really hard to stay in character and not get interested in making art, but my partner got in the ballpark—she used words like sad and withdrawn. I might not have been sad, but withdrawn certainly kind of fits...

And this last one is just something I did after getting done with the test early. It doesn't really have any significant meaning except that I purposefully tried to have my two figures interact and to remove the barrier between them... It didn't feel right doing it though, maybe I haven't completely worked through it yet.

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