Monday, September 1, 2008

Experiential Vol. 36

So the new school year is here, and this year is sure to offer as many exciting challenges as the last. I am in Ethics, Adult Art Therapy, Printmaking and am continuing to work at the Children's Psychiatric Hospital.

On the first day of Ethics we were to do a piece about what we thought about ethics. Mine was about how a seemingly small problem can escalate in to bigger problems, and hoping that I will have the foresight to contain them while they are small.

On the first day of Adult we were to create a portrait of the class. Mine just illustrates the anticipation and excitement of not knowing what the class will offer.

We also started working on a group experiential which is the game of life. The concept of the game board is lily pads, and that there is not a single path to make it through life.

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